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Swift Dictionary keys as array

get the keys from a dictionary as an array using swift


iOS App Creation Photoshop Script

Photoshop Script to create all icons needed for an iOS App.


SpriteKit SKAction Scale with wait, completion, and key

Want to do scaling, with run block, wait, and re-scale using a key using spritekit?


Swift 3 - compute poperties - didSet

handling nifty stuff in didSet on properties can clean up your code quite a bit - if done correctly :P


SpriteKit - using SKScene get user data values

How to get the user data set in SKScene.sks in your nifty swift code..


The Best iPhone & iPad DIY Photo Booth app

A shameless plug for the best darn photo booth app


Sprite Kit re-use & dynamically use SKNodes from graphical sks files

I want to be able to create an SKNode in xcode but be able to re-use that node in multiple scenes without using the reference node object.


Swift - iOS get users device type

Get the users device type using swift.