Smart Home Cheap for the tech savy

blargin ... Want to play with smart home features without the cost? Here are some resources that turned my stupid home into a slightly less-stupid home!

Smart Home Cheap for the tech savy

Smart Home on the cheap

Or at least a.. not so stupid home...

Want a smart home... but don't want to pay the $$$ is still costs today?

Are you tech savvy? Do you play with the Raspberry Pi? or have a home computer / server running?

If so I have some resources for you to check out.

I spent several weeks researching options for open source smart home software / hardware.

In the end I found what I think is the right mixing/matching to meet my needs

We currently have a lot of Apple products. iPhones, iPads, macs. So I wanted to get HomeKit devices. The problem with that is they are lacking and expensive. So to solve that there is HomeBridge.

HomeBridge lets you mimic a HomeKit hub, and anything you connect to it, will then show up in the Home App on your iPhone & or iPad. It really is quite nice.

The next, and even more exciting service I found was Home Assistant.

Home Assistant is a "HUB" for all your fun devices. It allows you to set up all sorts of great automations based on any number of criteria. Things like:

  • Turn the lights on when the sun goes down
  • Alert me when the door is open too long
  • Blink lights when a motion sensor goes off
  • Turn on lights when motion is sensed, and turn them off again after 5 min of no activity

Recently Home Assistant was updated to allow for adding App Daemons. These allow for more functionality. Check out this for an example App Daemon script.


  • MiLight
  • homekit
  • homebridge
  • Home automation
  • Home Assistant App Daemon
  • Home Assistant
  • hardware

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