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was previously a wordpress site. That site and its content has been moved to blarg.BWorby.com.

BWorby.com is now meant to be a home for me to link to my other sites. It is also, hopefully, a "useful" tool for me and others to access quick tips on various programming topics. This is stuff that could have been added to the blarg site, but I wanted to play with making my own version.

Dookie Dog Game Stickers

Dookie Dog stickers for iOS 10

check out Dookie Dog stickers at:

Dookie Dog the iOS game

Dookie Dog is the latest app I have released.

Dookie Dog is a fun and goofy game based on a dog. Dookie Dog. Lots of fun hidden secrets, characters, and interactions. Check it out!

check out Dookie Dog at:

Drumpf Trumps Trump! the iOS game

One of the many Trump games that have been coming out lately. This one has a Drumpf Trumps Trump Junk Creator that shoots junk Drumpf has thought of out of the junk creator. Try to stop him from getting to the NUKE button. Or, Stop him from having more stupid ideas!!

check out Drumpf Trumps Trump on the app store:

Pretty Good Booth aka PG Booth ( iOS App )

It is a photo booth app but with a bit of a twist.

PG Booth allows you to have multiple devices connected. One acts as the "booth" or the picture taker. The other connected devices can act as a remote and will receive the photo strips when taken.

check out PG Booth at:

PPHour ( iOS App )

PPHour is an app for nerds like me who have a popcorn hour, a PLEX server running, and PLonk on the popcorn hour.

For more info on PPHour check out

What I do

Mobile App Development

Mobile has been my main focus for the past few years. This includes Mobile Web Development & iOS applications.

  • iOS Dev
    • Objective-C
    • C++
    • C
    • xCode
    • iPhone & iPad

Web Development

Along with my Mobile initiative - Web Site development is also a primary focus.

This includes but is not limited to

  • PHP
    • PHP Framworks
    • PHP CMS's
    • PHP Applications
  • javascript & jQuery
  • CSS & HTML
    • CSS & CSS 3
    • HTML & HTML 5
    • CSS / HTML Frameworks
  • Mobile Web
    • Mobile First Development
    • Responsive Design
    • Graceful Degredation

Desktop App Development

Desktop Application Development is still fun and can be the right tool for the job.

Other Sites:

A blog about random programming and other tech things. Was just moved from www.bworby.com to blarg.BWorby.com.

A website dedicated to showing current or potential clients what I, and those I work with, can do for them.

Site for playing around with random things

Site I made for reference during networking courses I was taking. I also have a goofy 3-Way Handshake animation I made using Adobes Edge Animate.

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