I am a systems architect, software engineer, and iOS developer from St. Charles Illinois. is meant to be a home for me to link to my other sites. It is also, hopefully, a "useful" tool for me and others to access quick tips on various programming topics.

Recent App Stuff

PG Booth, the Best Darn DIY Photo Booth APP for iPhone & iPad

Just updated to version 2!

Now PG - Pretty Good - Booth has more layouts and tons of new settings.

check it out at:

Dookie Dog the iOS game

Dookie Dog is the latest app I have released.

Dookie Dog is a fun and goofy game based on a dog. Dookie Dog. Lots of fun hidden secrets, characters, and interactions. Check it out!

check out Dookie Dog at:

Dookie Dog Game Stickers

Dookie Dog stickers for iOS 10

check out Dookie Dog stickers at:

PPHour ( iOS App )

PPHour is an app for nerds like me who have a popcorn hour, a PLEX server running, and PLonk on the popcorn hour.

For more info on PPHour check out

What I do

Mobile & Desktop Application (App) Development

Mobile has been my main focus for the past few years. This includes Mobile Web Development & iOS applications.

  • iOS Dev
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • C++
    • C
    • iCloud
    • Test Flight
    • In-App Purchases
    • Game Center

Web Development

Along with my Mobile initiative - Web Site development is also a focus.

  • Web Services
    • Api development to utilize multiple front-end clients from a single data point.
  • PHP
    • PHP Frameworks
    • PHP CMS's
    • PHP Applications
  • javascript & jQuery
  • CSS & HTML ( although I don't do much front end anymore. )
    • CSS & CSS 3
    • HTML & HTML 5
    • CSS / HTML Frameworks
  • Mobile Web
    • Mobile First Development
    • Responsive Design
    • Graceful Degradation

Other Sites:

A blog about random programming and other tech things. Blarg was originally at but I moved it to

an old site of mine I used for playing around with random things. I still like the layout so I keep it around.

This is a site I made for reference during networking courses I was taking.